The Game Dayers Pathfinder Adventure Novel is Coming


You heard right, folks.  The three and a half year adventure featuring Vankaizer, Angemaler, Exclaimella, LegacyR, Bill the Lead Magnet, SsocialCalamity, Xorby, I Wanna Live Live Live, and LeBron Games has come to an end, and a novel will be created from it!  Angemaler has one more chapter to finish, and it will be ready for print!  Printing may be as early as Tuesday, October 10th, 2017!  Check the GameDayers email for the order form!

The current running cover, featuring the title is displayed as the image for the post… feast your eyes!  This novel-sized gem will be published soon (seriously, it’s the size of a George R. R. Martin novel), available on Angemaler’s profile: .  If you would like a physical copy, contact Angemaler ASAP!  The cost will be simply the cost to print (approximately $30, give or take a few dollars).

Cover Image with Title